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 PKMN Character Sheet: Alice

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Rekka Pop

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PostSubject: PKMN Character Sheet: Alice   Fri Dec 07, 2012 5:23 pm

Name: Alice
Age: 27
Region Hailed From: Hoenn
Love Interest: Ingo

Personality: Alice is curious and because of this it oftentimes gets her into trouble, wandering into areas that are off limits or dangerous. She seems to have no care for her own well-being at times though if her Pokemon are endangered it's a whole other story. At times it's as if Alice has no fear and she'd like everyone to continue believing this.

She has quite an independent streak in her and will grow frustrated when she has to rely on someone's help or can't understand and grasp something on her own. An attitude also doesn't help her get along with others at times.

When things get serious Alice will step up to the plate in a bid to help though she feels she doesn't have much to contribute at times. Because of this her confidence can sometimes be easily shattered.

Despite all of this Alice can be rather affectionate and gentle though she gets embarrassed when she attempts to show this side and oftentimes keeps it hidden.

History: Ever since she was young Alice had had a growing curiosity and fascination of the unknown. Because of this she had often been caught sneaking into abandoned areas or into buildings that were deemed 'haunted' in a bid to figure out what mysteries were hidden there. Due to this she came to grow fond of investigating paranormal areas in search of the next thrill oftentimes disappointed when it was only the cause of a wayward Pokemon.

It was this that drew her to travel to Unova and investigate the areas hidden there before she was caught up in the situation that plagued the region.

Pokemon Team:
Banette: Male. Adamant Nature.
Absol: Male. Lonely Nature.
Duskull: Female. Bold Nature.
Litwick: Male. Careful Nature.

Open For: Group or One-on-One RPs.
Taking Part in: Try

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PKMN Character Sheet: Alice
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