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Gently Entangled

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 ♟Anna Hattfield♟ |Avengers OC|

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PostSubject: ♟Anna Hattfield♟ |Avengers OC|   Sun Oct 26, 2014 8:59 pm

Name: Annalise Hattfield
   Nicknames: Anna, Ann, Alise(Alice), Lisa
      Alias: Anima Morph

Physical Description-
   Age: 23
   Species: Mutated Human
   Voice: Emma Stone

   Skin tone: Pale - Peach
   Hair Color: Blonde
 Facial Features-
   Nose: Small, slightly upturned.
   Jaw: She has a soft, round jaw
   Color: Green
   Shape: Round
  Height: 5’4”
  Weight: 119.2 lbs.
  Appearance: [size=13][/size]

Personal Information-
   Personality: Anna’s personality is decidedly amiable and cheerful. She appears to be matured for her age, and is very frank, She also is good at reading people's emotions. Behind her happy behavior, however, is a markedly trustworthy and particularly intelligent girl who always goes the distance to look after the people close to her. Anna is strong, cool and a little scary but relied on by everyone, even so she can be really girly and liked sweet things and cute clothes. However she can be a very strong girl, taking care of business when it is needed and she is very brave. Quietly forceful, original, and sensitive, she tends to stick to things until she is done. Extremely intuitive about people, and concerned for her friends feelings, she has well-developed value systems which she strictly adhere to. She is well-respected for her perseverance in doing the right thing.
   Sexuality: Heterosexual
   Do they play any sports?: She doesn’t make a point to, but she enjoys to and is typically pretty good.
   Do they play any instruments? Sing?: Yes, she sings and can play piano well.
   Are they artistically talented?: Not at all.
   Are they a Leader or a Follower?: A mix of both

   Food: Cheesecake
   Drink: Apple Cider
   Animal: Tiger
   Color: Purple / Blue
   Type of Music: Classical
   Genre of books: Horror / Mystery
   Place: Her room

   Career (If they are still in school, what do they plan to be?): Member of the Avengers.
   Are they happy in their job/ at school?: She is happy as can be.
   Do they have any serious hobbies?: Music

   Who do they live with?: Herself
   Are they married?: No
   Do they have children?: No
   Who is/are their love interests?: Steven Rogers // Captain America
   What is their relationship with their parents like?: Poor
   Siblings?: None
   Do they have any pets?: No
      Names and species: --

   Were their parents ever divorced?: No
   If so, how old was the character?: --
   Was the character ever abused?: Yes
   If so, by who?: Parents and Facility
   What kind of abuse?: Physical
   How long did the abuse continue?: Until she was removed from the facility at the age of 18 by Bruce Banner.
   How was it stopped?: Bruce Banner pulled her out.
   What was their relationship with Grandparents?: She did not know them
   Have they lost a Grandparent?: --

Any other notes: 
   Ability: Morphing/Shifting: Anna mostly morphs into animals from intaking they're DNA. She already has DNA from many animals, most of which she acquired from using the pheromones from a spider while on a trip to the zoo, where she acquired most of the animals DNA. Her favorite animals to shift into are tigers.
   Past: Anna's parent's left her at a psychiatric ward after the first time she changed. The first time she changed was when she was about 12 and her parents brought a cat home after she had undergone several cancer treatments and she had gotten better. Her parents refused to believe it, but Anna deduced on her own that it was the exposure from radiation therapy that did it. While she was in the ward she was often chained up, and during the time the others got to do things, she had to do them in her one-way mirror container, so that she couldn't touch the pets they kept to keep the others company. Finally, when she was 18, she was released from the ward after being pulled out by Bruce Banner(The Hulk) who wanted to study her changes, but did it in her own new apartment she got soon as he got her out, before going back home. She lived on her own until The Black Widow and Captain America came to get her. Due to being locked up like that, she doesn't know much how to interact socially, and will use similar words in the wrong way. For example calling a man 'pretty' instead of 'handsome'.
   Anna, like most animals do, will freak out before it rains or before a thunderstorm or natural disaster. However, she is especially afraid of thunderstorms, even before she gained her ability.
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♟Anna Hattfield♟ |Avengers OC|
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