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Weekly Prompt
This week's prompt is:
Gently Entangled

Next prompt set up for 6/24.

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 What do bleach characters think of you?(Filled Form)

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What do bleach characters think of you?(Filled Form) Empty
PostSubject: What do bleach characters think of you?(Filled Form)   What do bleach characters think of you?(Filled Form) Icon_minitimeTue Jul 14, 2015 10:14 pm

Name:Kokoe Watarisu

Nickname(s):Koko(by yachiru)

Age:In the hundreds(looks to be in her twenties)



Likes:Sweets,Experimenting,respect,taking interesting things apart

Dislikes:Being disrespected,Any work being destroyed,being manipulated or used,lazy people

Hobbies:Experimenting,trying new sweets,reading and trying out interesting 

Appearence;:Kokoe has light pink hair tat is long put in ponytail to her mid back.She has bright yellow eyes and wears black framed glasses.She normally has dark circles under eyes from working so hard and lousy sleep habits from work.She is an a-cul and is a pear as her butt is the biggest part of her not by much.She wears a white lab coat.Her kimono top is split down 
the middle vertically so it exposes her stomach and wears black Capri pants.

Personality:Cranky,Kokoe is this way maybe due to her bad sleepy habits.She is quite cynical and can quite blunt as well.She isn't the type to hate being ordered but does like respect.She can be quite foul mouthed and can have a temper when angered.Her being angered enough to yell is quite rare as she will mostly be annoyed.She can have a casual side which is shown only to a select few.Kokoe has no mercy for people who really anger her.Though no 
one has for a long time.Her grudges are deep and cruel.Kokoe is even angry enough to make a robot of her brother who angered her and mistreat him.As she doesn't believe that a death is enough of a punishment.She can be perverted and hates it when she feels attracted to a person.Even if it isn't quite love.Kokoe cares about science so much that only plans to gather social data for a bit and not actually care about people.She is heavily influenced to not make bonds.As she believes that real bonds cost her time.Though only researching a bit into social interactions may influence her science.So she only does something to benefit herself.She is quite smart being a geious.She is really arrogant and believes herself to be smarter then everyone.She believes she's more then fitting to be a captain and is annoyed when told otherwise.She is good at seeing through people only at certain things.She is also, excellent at stredagy.

Ichigo:The special subituite soul reaper.I am quite interested in him.What sciencitist wouldn't? I'd love to experiment on him and see what makes him tick. Though I promise that I'll drug him in case it actually happens.Anyway, 
we have met before this was a rare occasion and on these rare occasions I meet people.He appeared to me to be oridenary but you can never tell a book by the cover.His personality isn't tat interesting though it's not that I'm interested in.Hmmm,that power I wonder...anyway f he comes I'll also, upgrade him.Though, I'd appearite him not telling Captain Kurotsuchi.

Rukia:That girl who gave her powers to Ichigo Kurosaki.Never met the girl though I have heard about her.She is Byakuya Kuchiki's sister as she was taken in years ago.Is friends with the idiotic lieutenant Renji Abarai.That is all the information I even bothered to memorize.She's not interesting so why bother with her anyway.

Orihime:The orange haired girl.Yeah,I met her before as I went to see the
 intruders with the the captain.She looked to be so innocent and the captain was interested in her .Well,I was interested her abbilities as well.Though I knew that Captain Kurotsuchi had claim over her.I was interested in seeing 
more of that shield ability though that Quincy got in the way.So annoying.

Uryu:Great,the annoying quincy.One annoying thing he did right off the bat was help that orange haired girl escape.I found him to be boring at first in abilities.Annoying in personality.Seriously, that quincy annoys me more then Rangiku,Shunsui, Yachiru, and Mayuri when he disrespects me.A few abilities were interesting however, I decided not to claim him as I saw his power disappear.

Yorurichi:I never had a problem with Yorurichi.She could be easygoing yet had this sense of duty to work.So I find Yorurichi to be someone who doesn't annoy me and that I'll leave alone.Experimenting her would do nothing and I don't see the point.One thing I never understood was why she is friends with Kisuke Urahara.Cause that guy s annoying and other personalities just don't seem to mesh perfectly.This is quite strange and I don't understand this yet.

Urahara:One of the most annoying guys I've ever met.This guy angers me to no end.Every time he speaks I just get annoyed.I hold a grudge against him and will never forgive him.He's lucky that I  don't track him down,experiment on him till his death and make a robot of him as my eternal slave to bully as I please.Sure,he's intelligent that I'll admit that.But never is smarter then me because he isn't.His cheerfulness and attitude only makes me hate him when I think about him.



Tessai::Ah, yes I have met him.zthis was around the time Urahara was around.We got a neutral relationship until I showed my feeling of hate towards Uruhara. This was the grudge I held on Urahara and I threaded him being quite angered.Tessai never liked me since then and has glared at quite often.

Renji:The idiotic red head.What can I say about this guy that can not be summed up in a few words.Well,he is headstrong and stupid.His abilities in kido suck as he has no control.Planning out his attacks would never happen.Cause I doubt he even thinks when he battles.I could outwit him easily.His temper is going to get him in trouble as I unlike him can not be so loud.He plans to get stronger yet he'll be outwitted unless he trains his mind though I doubt he would be able to.He'll never protect anyone or defeat his captain that he wants to surpass so badly.Never because his intellect is so bad.

Byakuya:The cool headed captain.I admire him.Even if he isn't into research.His cool head ness and fighting skills are quite amazing.I don't find him attractive though I can't help but admire him as a captain.If I d become a captain I can only hope to be as admired as he is.I have done my reaserch about him and even find that he handles everything in his past quite well.

Aizen:Aizen was a dear friend of mine.When I say this I know that he is the enemy.He was good for my social experiment.Though I grew comforatable being around him.This may have had to do with how kind he was.Though that was how he appeared.He respected me as a scientist.I never felt like I was annoyed and was interested in him.I sensed something about him this was probably that he was planning on betraying everyone.I noticed this by the slightest of actions.This may be one of the reasons I was so interested.Aizen is quite intelligent as well.I like intelligence so I admire tat quality.I felt like I could talk to him about things that were hard to talk about each other.Never did he see only the bad in me.He saw my good points and was like Camille tea.As whenever I felt stressed I'd feel less so, as I could be calmer.That being quite amazing as I never feel calm around someone.Aizen is good looking as another thing that I guess I can say about him.never felt hurt by his betrayal of the soul society.Maybe it was dissapointing as I knew that I could not go.As I could not trust the fact that I'd be safe.Making enemies of the soul society isn't what I wanted.IIt didn't seem logical.I had people I had to beat with only things I could create.I am not sure how he feels about me maybe disappointed.Though this was my choice and he made his choice.So I guess it doesn't matter.I miss what we had but I should get over it.It was never to last.

Gin:I saw him with Aizen before.He was a captain until he went with Aizen to betray the soul society.Personality wise he is kind of creepy.That guy smiles so much.I feel as if he is hiding someone from everyone.Though I care not to find that out.I'm just not interested and he's the enemy.Finding that out would be harder even so.He is one of the youngest to join a squad so he is quite skilled.I don't know much else on him but I doubt I will need such information.

Mayuri:The captain of my squad and a rival of mine.He is ranked above me being both the captain and the director of research and development.I still don't understand why he had to become captain.I am more then qualified yo be captain.A child has become a captain,a drunk ,and a sick man.If they can be captains why can't I?My intelliance surpasses his and the only thing he beats me is physical strength.I first met Mayuri before he became captain.Heck,even before he joined the squad.I guess I didn't hate him upon first meeting him.I guess our relationship didn't change to being like this until 
he became the captain and the director.I then swore to show how much better a scientist I was.He gave me the worst jobs not deserving of my skills.As I am too smart for that work.He never gives me any respect and only sees my flaws.Honestly, he stresses me out more then anyone.I guess he reminds me a bit of my mother.A bit though he is way more demanding and 
would never give me respct no matter how hard I work.Honestly,He must hate me.No way,he would feel any other his cruelty and his passion towards his work.Honestly,if he gave me respect and gave me a better job.I might fall in love with him harshly if he did.It probably is a good thing he doesn't though I... want him to.He is sadistic and his intellect is kind of attractive. I mustn't think about that because he is...a disrespectful captain and my rival.He is an interesting intividual and I still haven't figured him out.His appearance is interesting and I do get kind of curious what he looks without his make up.Anyone would be curious.Anyway,he frustrates me and yet makes me confused.Honestly, I hope he understands that I am not a slacker and I also, hope to figure him out better.

Nemu:Mayuri's Creation. She is not as good as my creation Suzu.I don't know why he doesn't dispose of her.As she makes lots of mistakes and he gets annoyed with her so much.I won't put up with such a flawed creation.I don't really care for her and I guess my reactions to her show that.

Toshiro:The child captain.How can anyone give him respect? I understand that is the youngest captain. That he is quite skilled.But I can't take this kid seriously.I have met him and  know that he doesn't like me.Maybe it's because I don't treat him like a capitan and look down on him.There is this hate and envy towards him.This is because he is a child and he became a captain well I didn't.Seriously it's embrassing.I feel bad for him having a lost lieutenant but you know a good captain can train his officers not to slack off.So he still has some growing up to do ad much to learn in order to be a captain.He can not think the same as he is still very young.

Rangiku:The laziest Lieutenant I have ever seen.It's sad that there is someone so lazy and letting a child do most of her work.Seriously,does she have no shame.All she does is sleep, party and drink.Does she help her captain,no.She is lazy and is a fat cow.Yes,I am even insulting her appearance.We have met a couple of times and she insults my figure and cup size.Saying that I am jealous and that is a lie.Why would I want cow udders with hers and a fat body like hers.Guys like slim girls and small boobs are more sensitive anyway.On to other things, she is idiotic and couldn't possiabily plan any anything.She may be stupider then Renji.Yes,I never thought I'd meet anyone worse then Renji.Seriously,what good is she?

Momo:A nice girl.Momo and I have chatted quite a bit.She was around Aizen as his lieutenant so it is hard for us to have met.Sure,she is naive and innocent.But that's natural as she has much to learn.Yeah,I never thought of her as a friend or talked long with her.That is because she is too nice it kind of gets on my nerves if I speak to her too long.She is the child captain's friend as I heard her talk about him a few times to me.I could care less though.

Kenpachi:The captain obessed with fighting.That guy holds no interest in me.That is probably because I am not physically strong.He prefers his oppodents to be strong.One day I will improve my mechanics and Suzu will be strong enough to beat him.That is one of my goals.Sometimes have a high goal like that is good.

Yachiru:A pink haired child who is so annoying.She calls me Koko for some reason.She hangs around Kenpachi and I don't  understand their relationship.Truly, a strange and loud girl.I personally don't like her.I also, hope she stops calling me Koko.

Jushiro:This guy is too kind.He appears to be weak.Honestly, he would do better as a lieutenant then a captain.How can he expect to work as a captain with failing health like that.I understand his squad officers like him.But there is a difference between efficenicy and liking someone.This guy also, is friends with the drunk captain.How can he be,I guess opposities attract.Anyway,I know that he is always kind to me and tells me that I should rest more and relax.But even so why is he is he so nice yo me?I never am super nice to him.I can be quite blunt and rude.

Yanderes,Yangires,Murder oh my!
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What do bleach characters think of you?(Filled Form)
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