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 Mass Effect Character Sheet; Vex LeChance

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PostSubject: Mass Effect Character Sheet; Vex LeChance    Fri Mar 15, 2013 9:36 pm

Name: Veatrix LeChance

Alias: Vex

Age: 28

Race: Human

Class: Sentinel

Occupation: Ex-Alliance, Freelancer, Hacker

Weapons of Choice: Heavy Pistol, SMG, Heavy Weapons

Abilities: Throw, Lift, Barrier

Love Interest: Garrus Vakarian


Vex tries to look at the world in a positive light and walks the fine line between ecstatic interest and naive acceptance.

Behind her facade, Vex has a very realistic view of life. She's aware of the horrors and the blessings that come with it and wishes she was just as ignorant as the day she was born. Keeping these things under check and out of public view has really had an impact on her psychologically.

She feels that she isn't worthy due to Survivors Guilt and constantly brings herself down over imaginary issues that didn't meet her impossible standards. Her only outlet is in coding and biotic fits that she claims are the only times she really feels anything besides guilt.

Vex was born to two tinkerer Colonists on Mindoir, a small colony on the fringes of the Attican Taverse. She dealt with the impending isolation like her parents had, through tinkering. Vex spent most of her youth as an apprentice to her mother, who was very skilled in engineering, despite showing a great interest in the art of coding and hacking. At the age of eight she'd successfully built and coded a mech from spare parts, to the delight of her parents. She was able to further her skills and hone them into that of an art.

However, her skills weren't very useful to Mindoir, so Vex put her coding aside to take over the families engineering business. At the age of sixteen slavers raided the colony and the puny salvaged mechs acted as the perfect diversion for Vex to get away with her life. The entire settlement was razed, her family and friends were either slaughtered or captured and Vex saw it all from her hidey-hole in her families workshop. When her position was compromised she bolted, running into a passing Alliance patrol that rescued the terrified teen.

Vex enlisted with the Alliance military a few years later, eventually volunteering to go to Akuze, a colony that had mysteriously dropped out of contact. As soon as it arrived on the surface, her patrol was attacked by thresher maws - mindless abominations of teeth and tentacles that rose up from beneath the earth. Constant gunfire couldn't drown out the shrieks of her fellow soldiers as they were dragged down to a gruesome death.

Fifty marines died on Akuze; Vex was the only one to make it back to the landing zone alive. A monument on the planet commemorates the massacre, a grim reminder of the price humanity must pay as they spread throughout the stars.

After that mission, Vex retired from the Alliance. Many were concerned for her health and insisted she stay to be properly observed but, she seemed, strangely, unaffected by everything.

Vex now wanders about the stars doing freelancer work to find her place in life.

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Mass Effect Character Sheet; Vex LeChance
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