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This week's prompt is:
Gently Entangled

Next prompt set up for 6/24.

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 [Dark Souls OC] Lux

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PostSubject: [Dark Souls OC] Lux   Mon Nov 24, 2014 12:24 am

||Basic Information||




Preferred Weaponry
Twin blades
Long bows

Preferred Equipment
n/a at this time


Hair Color and Style
Dark brown hair that’s lighter at the ends to being almost blonde on sunny days, it falls to the middle of her back and in waves. Her bangs are long and in need of a trim, framing her face and falling into her eyes often. This doesn’t seem to bother her often however.

She prefers to have her hair framing her face, with much of it pulled up into pigtails. She leaves some loose to help frame her face alongside her bangs.

Hazel in color, they’re a little too wide for her narrow face.

Skin Tone and Complexion
Lux has an even skin tone she tans quickly when she bothers to go out enough. She has oily skin and has to take great pains in remembering to wash her face once or twice a day to avoid too many pimples and blackheads from popping up on her forehead, chin and nose.

She stands at an average height of about 5’4” and weighs in at115 lbs. Lux’s metabolism is still quite active and makes it difficult for her to keep weight on. Because of this she is a scrawny thing with her collarbone and hipbones poking out noticeably. She looks quite fragile due to her scrawniness. She has an average bust size though her hip size is a little larger.

Clothing Style
Lux is a self-conscious person and so tries to pick clothing she feels makes her look her best. She prefers either baggy sleeves on her tops or none at all, however. She likes to look good and be able to move comfortably. Because she has a hard time staying warm in chilly and cold weather, Lux oftentimes carries a jacket or coat with her just in case.

She has a patch on the back of her right ankle with odd pigmentation, being much paler than the rest of her skin, even when she gets tanned along her legs. There’s a mole just under Lux’s right collarbone as well.


With those Lux is comfortable with she can be rather teasing with. Otherwise she has a tendency to remain quiet in groups of people she is not familiar with. She can be quite pushy at times, especially so when she has an idea in mind. Very little can sway her once she’s made a decision other than her own failures. Whether Lux realizes her own pushiness is anyone’s best guest, oftentimes she doesn’t seem to realize that she is being so upfront and possibly overbearing about what she wants done.

While outwardly confident she’s not without her share of insecurities though she masks these well. She is often overly critical of her own work and appearance, striving hard to maintain a positive image to others. Due to this she often overworks herself to to disappoint and will make decisions based on what she thinks others might expect of her.

Something of a perfectionist, once Lux gets an idea in her mind she doesn't stop until she's achieved it. Even then she can be overly critical of her own work if she perceives some sort of flaw in it, no matter what it is.

Though she talks a big game, it's mostly for show. She's actually quite passive most days, unless her life or those of her loved ones are in danger. In this case she'll quickly rush into danger if it means keeping herself and her loved ones alive and safe.

When she’s thinking she tends to rest her mouth or chin against her hand, especially so if she’s sitting own and can lean forward on a table. Lux also has a tendency to play with her hair.

Lux has picked up several weapons to train with though she prefers twin blades and a bow and arrows for actual combat. Because of this, much of her time is spent learning and honing her skills as best that she can. She has some artistic skill though and can spend hours doodling and drawing if she's left to her own devices.

Lux enjoys music and can often be seen listening to music if she is not busy listening to something or someone else. Occasionally she can be heard singing to herself or goofing off and singing though she’s not a great singer by any stretch of the word. Likewise she enjoys dancing but isn’t very good at it. Martial arts is also something that has caught her attention many times over the years though she has little time and funds to practice any such thing often leaving her to indulge in her artwork instead.

Large crowds and loud noises are things that leave Lux a little high strung. Exposed to too much of either or both can leave her getting snappish and moody. Due to this she has very few opportunities to reach out and meet new people to befriend or grow intimate with in the future.

Waking up early isn’t something that she likes either. Very rarely does she wake in a good mood if someone rouses her early.

Lux is a proud woman and thus hates to concede to the idea that she might need help, doing so only when she is out of options. She’s also quite insecure about her scrawny appearance, especially that of her bony hands often getting defensive when others point out that it is because of this that she has failed at something. Bouts of impatience can also be a crux to whatever she is waiting for or doing.

Despite her usual easygoing manner she is something of an introvert and has times when she feels she must be away from people to ‘recharge’, so to speak. During these times she can be snappish and quieter than usual which can give others the wrong impression.



n/a at this time

Love Interest
Artorias the Abysswalker

||Background Information||

will come soon

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[Dark Souls OC] Lux
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