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 Bleach Matchmaker for ShadowTiger

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PostSubject: Bleach Matchmaker for ShadowTiger   Mon Jun 29, 2015 11:37 pm

Name:Nikko Matsuda

True match:Renji Abarai

Why?:Well,he matches what Nikko finds attractive physically but that is not the reason why he is her true match.The reason why Renji Abarai is her true match is he blends together two things what she finds attractive in a personality and actually helping her as a person.Renji is someone who can be over protective of her yes that is in fact true.Nikko doesn't mind this and Renji doesn't want to be this way.The reason why he does this is because he perhaps doesn't want to lose her kinda like with Rukia.By there is the feeling of of being helpless and never seeing her again that truly frightens him.Renji isn't truly controlling but that is a good thing as he never takes advance of her.I find that it helps suuport her and she never feels suffocated.Renji does feel jealous when she is around other guys and doesn't like it when she is naive and doesn't reject the guys flirtation.This can make him quite angry 
and sometimes lash out or be aggressive.This can indulge her in what she attracted in but also Renji feels bad.But tells her that he doesn't like her with any other guts and this can lead to some quite steamy make out session.The are problems that happen in their relationship but will be listed below.

Other possible match/es:Gin Ichimaru

Why?:Gin has the personality Nikko finds attractive.The kind of minipuative person and can be quite controlling.He would be the type to actually protect her though she wouldn't realize that he was doing that.He is more caring then is most thought of.Though he may be confusing to figure out and can not really be more help in helping Nikko grow as a person.He may use Nikko and that was why he isn't her true match.

Where they met?:They met at the soul society academy.The two of them learned together and sat close to each other.Renji decided to talk to her as he did decide to ask her question n something they were learning there.

What were his first thoughts of her?:Renji thought of her as a shy and kind of cute.

Was it love at first sight?:No,thought he did think she was kind of cute.

What are his thoughts on her?:"Nikko is a bit naive and cute.Damn,this is embrassing.She's a great person and she should be more careful around guys."

How did they get together/what was their first date?:They first got together when he say her with a guy flirting with her.He got so jealous that he told those guy off.When that didn't work he kisses her as if to say that she was his.The guy walked away and he told a flushed Nikko that he liked her and wanted her.He also,told her he didn't want any other guy to have her.He then kissed her passinaly.

Their first date was the next date it was just walking well holding hands and getting some tea and talking.

Relationship problems:Renji can get jealous and can be over protective.He can be aggreative if a guy has flirted with her and she hasn't deny the man's attempts.The two can fight because of such things though can be not so much a negative thing as they do get some pretty great make up kisses.


1)How does he react when he is upset or angry with her?

Renji is a simple minded man.He doesn't keep in what he is feeling when he is together with her.He will scold her or yell at her.Though he can feel guilty later and give passionate kisses after a fight.

2)How does he show he loves her?

Renji tries to keep her safe,holds her hand when they are walking.This s because he loves her and doesn't want to lose her.He gives her gifts because he wants to see her smile and he enjoys her smile.He gives her passionate kisses showing his passionate feelings for her.

3)Is he over protective of her?

Yes, he can be over protective.This is because he loves her so much that he doesn't want any harm to come to her.

4)What is his favorite memory of them?

The time he first kissed her and confessed his feelings for her.This is his favorite because it was the first time he felt her lies.But even more then that he felt his feelings leak out to her it felt so right.Seeing her expression and her say tat she shared the same feelings made it truly memorable.

5)What does he react if she is in trouble or hurt?

Well, obviously he goes over to her direction and helps her.Renjibthen blames himself for not being strong enough to protect her.For f he was she would have to be hurt or troubled.

6)What quirks or habits does she do that makes him fall for her all over again?

The simple things like when she twists her hair when nervous.Or is clumsy or fumbles.He finds those actions cute and are some of the simplest things he loves about her.

7)What is his favorite feature Nikko has?

Her caring personality and over all cuteness.She is so sweet and those are probably the best features.Though he probably couldn't pick one as many features make up Nikko and it is hard to choose.

8)What is his favorite thing to do with her?

Favorite thing?Renji has various favorite things he likes to do with her like hold her hand and make out with her.Or chat with her and see her smiling face.So it is between those three things.

 9)Does he treat her differently when they are in public vs when they are alone?

Well, he does show dominance over her by holding her hand or kissing her when a guys flirt with her and she doesn't deny their attempts.But he leaves passionate make outs for when they bare alone.

10)What were his first thoughts on her the first time they met?

*see above*

11)Nikko secretly finds aggressive and controlling an attractive feature in men's if he is an agresseive person is he aggressive and controlling to her?If so how so?

Well,he can aggressive but I don't see him really controlling.As he would let Nikko go as she pleased but worry about her.But Renji isn't really controlling.He would kiss her to show that he is his and hold her hand.Sure, he'd scold and yell at her if angered.

12)Nikko can be easy to manipulate at times.Has he ever taken advange of that?

No, he hasn't because Renji never goes as far to manipulate her.

13)Nikko can also be hard headed at times.Does he try to talk her out of something that might be dangerous for her even though he knows she can handle it?

Yes,but he only says so if there is choice in the matter.So he explains why he doesn't want her to fight as she doesn't need to and he doesn't want her hurt.So yes, he will try.

14)Does he worry about her when she isn't with him?

Yes, because anything could happen to her and Renji could lose her.

15)What are some things he doesn't like Nikko to do?

Act friendly with other guys and get into dangerous situations.

Yanderes,Yangires,Murder oh my!
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Bleach Matchmaker for ShadowTiger
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