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 Persona 4 the animation oc

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PostSubject: Persona 4 the animation oc   Sat Dec 12, 2015 3:38 pm

~General Information~

Name: Minako Kinomoto

Nickname: Mina (by little brother and friends)

Age: 16 (17)

Race: Human


Hair color: light Purple

Length: it reach her back

Style: Straight hair, but has a white ribbon that hold her hair into a ponytail.

Eyes color: Blue

Blood type: AB

Height: 5’5

Weight: 125

Cup size: C cup

~Personal information~

Weapon: Book/Staff

Persona: The Magician

Personality: She is shy and quiet around a group of people as she never get her voice heard by some of her classmate. She has a love for books, but mostly fantasy books because she love how magic and mystical things are in fantasy books, but her parents doesn’t like her reading books like that as they won’t help her in the future. She kind and love to read to kids at her parent’s bookstore while the children’s parents shop. She has a love for sweets, but doesn’t show it because she didn’t like people looking at her weird when she eats sweets. She doesn’t have much friends. She has a fondness of making paper art and showing her little brother how to make different animals. She does have a cute side, but hides it because of her being quiet.

Like: Sweets, Fantasy book, Animals, Kids, Baking, Dancing, and Making crafts.

Dislike: Spicy food, Spiders, Rain, Baseball, Bullies, Pervert, and Jerks.

Occupation: Student (Help at her parent’s bookstore)

Shadow self: What her shadow self says, “If only I have magic to change the world around me, I would change this world into something I want. I will be popular, People will actually listen and hear what I have to say. I just want to be notice by everyone, why do I have to be invisible to others! Why can’t I be the one who get the attention! All I want is someone to notice me and understand me! No one truly know what I want, no one really cares about me! I just want to be someone special and have boy come ask me out like the romance books… girls to talk to about problems... no one want Invisible Minako… no one want me at all”

Shadow dungeon: It is a dungeon like in a fantasy book, but it was out in an open field in a small village.

TV report: The inside of Kinomoto’s bookstore.

“So tell us, do you enjoy reading to the children?”

Minako: “yes, I started only reading to my little brother, but more kids started to gather and now I read to them regularly when I help my parents.”

“Wow, you must love reading.”

Minako: “Yes I do and I hope maybe write a book of my own.”

Midnight channel: called the “Mystical Mage Fantasy”

“Welcome to my show, today I am going to make magic happen tonight *wink* today I am going to make everyone dream world come true *twirls holding a staff* I will make my dream world to comes true *giggles cutely* please follow me to my world and enjoy your deepest fantasy *runs into a dungeon*

~Background Information~

Family: Hojo Kinomoto (Father, age: 45-46)

Layla Kinomoto (mother, age: 44-45)

Sora Kinomoto (Little brother, age: 8-9)

Crush: Kanji Tatsumi or Yu Narukami

Fact: She has her own book blog as she write Fantasy stories as she goes under the username ‘Magical Lina809’ so no one knows it is her as the author of her online novel.

Past:  Minako has been living in Inaba her whole life as her parents then open up the bookstore when she was seven years old, a year before her little brother is born. She has always love reading Fantasy book as a way to escape from the world around her and imagine what she would be like in her own fantasy world. Saving people, being worship as a hero, being notice and getting lot of attention. In real life, she is just a quiet girl having no friends other than her fantasy books as her close friends. She did had one friend, but she moved away when she was nine years old and still keep in contact with her. At age 12, her parents wanted her to stop reading the fantasy books because they believe she is too old for the anymore, but that didn’t stop her from reading the books she love. At 13, she started reading to the children at her Parent’s bookstore while the children’s parent look for their books in peace. She enjoy reading to the kids as she can see their smiling face as she read to them and her little brother too. Now 16 years old in Yasogami High School, she tries to get her voice out, but some don’t listen still and some giggles on how she seem silent like a ghost.
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Persona 4 the animation oc
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